The Mission

The Vision

To see hearts changed, disciples made, and leaders trained by planting healthy gospel-centered churches in Japan.
planting healthy gospel-centered churches in Japan.

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The Need

Over 130 million people make up the nation of Japan. Only 0.3% of them are Christian. Tokyo alone is home to over 30 million people and there are less than 1000 churches in Tokyo. The Japanese are known for their hard work, politeness, kindness, cleanliness, and cooperative efforts. Yet, the Japanese are enslaved to idols of materialism, approval, pride, sex and more. The gospel need is everywhere, but most Japanese do not know a single Christian friend or coworker. They need to be told that Christ alone can satisfy.


The Vehicle

We believe the local church is the vehicle by which the Japanese will come to hear the gospel. In Acts, the Holy Spirit built his church by empowering his disciples to preach the truth about Jesus to the world. Continuing that mission, we are serving with Soma Fuchu, a church plant in Tokyo. We believe that by reaching Tokyo we can reach the rest of Japan and beyond.


Our Role

Following the example of church planting in Acts, we believe that small group outreach and friendship are the most effective ways to grow the church in Japan. A small group of believers centered around a specific area or shared interest can show non-believers how the gospel is lived day-to-day, transforming culture, bringing people to Jesus, and further maturing Christians. Therefore as part of Soma Fuchu, we will facilitate and multiply these small groups, what we call missional communities, throughout Tokyo, as Christ grows his church.