A Sexless Society

Friends, this is a helpful documentary I recently viewed that is helpful in many ways to reveal some of the deeper Gospel issues that begin to surface when you look at some of the bigger problems facing Japan. The focus is on the declining birth rates in Japan but I think the host does a …

A vision for Tokyo

This spring we'll beheading out to Japan. Our destination will be Tokyo where we will spend our time catching a vision for ministry in Tokyo. We'll meet up with several church planters in Tokyo and talk about what the future of Karis in Tokyo might look like and how we can partner with other churches …

Japan Trip Trailer

In less than a week, the rest of the Karis Japan team will join the Glossons in Japan to begin trekking across Japan to gain a vision for future ministry in Japan. Please pray for Japan and the Karis Japan Team as they head out.


The Glossons spent their first full day in Japan visiting Kamakura. Here’s a quick video about it.