Our Story

Drew and Megumi have been on mission for Jesus in Japan for over 10 years. We first met in 2007 at a bible camp in Nagano, Japan and we’ve been serving together ever since. We were married in 2010 and have two boys, Takumi and Nobuki. We served in various capacities and positions around Japan eventually making our way back to America after the events of the 2011 Tsunami disaster.  During our time in America, we served with Karis Church in Columbia, Missouri and through a series of short-term trips were eventually sent back to Japan to continue the mission.

Over these years, God has moved us to see Tokyo in a new light.  At 30 million people, it is not only the world’s largest city but the cultural heart of Japan. A unique blend of ancient traditions and modern tech marvels. Tokyo is not only a mecca of anime and nerd culture, but a culinary fan’s delight, and a marvel of public transit. Yet, Tokyo is so much more than that for us. Tokyo is where Megumi was born and raised. Our family and friends live in Tokyo. And, we first served in gospel ministry together in Tokyo. Following the counsel of our church leaders and God’s direction, we came to realize that Tokyo is our home and that God was calling us back to that great city as our mission field.

We returned to Tokyo in June of 2016 to begin working alongside Yoshito Noguchi, lead church planter of Soma Fuchu. Fuchu lies in the heart of Tokyo, where we live on mission for Jesus. If you would like to support our church planting efforts in Tokyo please click here.