Disasters across Japan

Many folks have reached out to us this week to make sure we are ok. We are safe and sound here in Tokyo but many across Japan are not.

On Tuesday, the largest Typhoon in 25 years struck western Japan. Intense winds and storm surge caused much damage and at least 11 people have died and over 600 people were injured. Kansai Airport, one of the busiest airports in Japan experienced severe flooding and likely won’t be operational for at least a week. You can read more about the storm here.

This morning, we awoke to the news that a power earthquke, followed by subsequent aftershocks and landslides, occured early this morning in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. Reports of the extent of the damage are still coming in. You can watch a live news feed in English if your interested, news is shown every hour on the hour here:

Watch Here

Please keep the nation of Japan in your prayers as we recover from these disasters. Pray that the churches of Japan would be able to seize opportunites to make much of Jesus as they serve and care for their communites in the midst of these disasters.

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