One Who is Greater

Last Sunday, each of us shared what God had been speaking to us over the past three months at Soma Fuchu. We just ended a study through the book of Phillipians.

One college student who recently started to attend our gatherings shared this.

“I just started studying the Bible and I don’t know it very well yet. However I realized that everyone prays for each other for both good and bad things a lot here. And I think that is amazing. Before I came here, I thought that prayers were just for myself to recieve something.”

When she shared this, a light bulb was lit up above my head. I have never thought like that!

There are temples and shrines everywhere in Japan.
My understanding is that each temple or shrine represents a certain deity. Gods for health, money, relationships, success, and on goes the list. Therefore, when you have a need or request you visit the particular temple or shrine that houses the god over that. Then you pray to that god; to provide you with what you lack or desire and make an offering of either money, food or sake.

Her comment was a great reminder to me that I serve a God who comes to me and who listens to my prayers no matter where I am and no matter what I pray for. That is pretty amazing! Our God exist in and amongst our church family. Let us have joy in the fact that we can talk to our God anywhere, anytime about anything. We need not only bring our requests to the Lord but also our praise and thanksgivings. Let us also rejoice that he desires us to have relationship together with one another through church community.

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