Departing with Urgency

Through much prayer and thoughtful consideration together with the Karis Church elders we have made the decision to depart for Tokyo this month on the 21st. Though we are not yet at 100% of our support raising goal we sense the spirit’s leading to go now. As we prepare to depart we do so with a sense of urgency knowing that we are about $1200 shy of what we need to be stable. We’ll continue to raise support from Japan but will ramp up our work harder to close that gap as our 5 over 4 campaign comes to a close next week.

Therefore, we would ask you the reader to consider praying for us as we lead up to our departure on the 21st. As you pray consider not only the urgency of our situation but also of a nation desperate to know the gospel. As we have shared before, we are headed to a city of 30 million people where less than 1% of the population claim to know Christ. Beyond that there are less than 1000 churches in Tokyo striving to proclaim the gospel to those people. All that together with projections that Japan’s population will be cut in half by the end of the century due to a rapid population decline over the past 2 decades calls for sincere urgency in making Christ known in Japan.

If you feel led to support our efforts or know of someone who might be willing to please contact us or direct them here.

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