Announcing 5 over 4

We started off in November with a goal of $15,000 in one-time gifts to cover our moving costs and $6000 in monthly reoccurring support to sustain our ministry in Tokyo. God has been faithful to meet our needs through his people by covering the cost of our moving expenses and bringing us closer to full monthly support.

Around Christmas, we learned that we would be blessed with our second child. This meant that we would have to expedite our timeline if wanted to meet our goal of being in Japan by the summer of 2016. As we have continued to work towards that goal, everything is in place for us to go so except for our monthly support.

Current Standings

  • Moving Costs – $15,000 – Fully Funded. Thank You!
  • Monthly Support – $2000 of $6000

Therefore, we are praying for 5 over 4 to get us to $4000 in monthly support. What we mean is $500 in monthly reoccurring support over the next for weeks to bring in a total of $2000 in monthly reoccurring support, bringing our total support total to a sum of $4000.

$4000 would sustain us for the first year as we get settled and get on mission in Tokyo. We would continue to raise the rest from Japan and through periodic trips back to the states. As we begin this campaign we would ask those of you who have a vested in our ministry and reaching Japan for Christ to consider the following:

Prayerfully consider joining our monthly support team

• Prayerfully consider raising the amount you are currently giving

• Prayerfully consider who you could refer to us as a potential supporter

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