Soma School Wrap-Up

Jeremy and I made it back safely from our trip out to Washington last week. This was my first time out west and I really enjoyed it. The whole Seattle-Tacoma area is really quite beautiful.

A view of Tacoma with Mt. Rainer in the background

We spent a good portion of the week involved in the various missional communities throughout the city but we also had some class time devoted to teaching the basic foundations of how to lead a missional community.

Jeff Vanderstelt teaching one of our sessions.
Me and Timofey

I also had a chance to connect with a few Japan contacts while I was out there. One of them was my friend Timofey who I met in Tokyo this spring. Tim is was in Tokyo this spring helping Yoshi and are trips just happened to coincide and through the course of that week we hit it off and decided to reconnect in the fall when I was scheduled to attend Soma School. I’m so thankful for how God connects people across thousands of miles to help us reach Japan with the Gospel!

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