The Road Ahead

This summer has been a bit of a whirlwind for us. Starting with our trip to Japan, then Meg’s parents coming to visit, a trip to the Japanese Consulate in Chicago, and a surprise trip to North Carolina last week for my grandfather’s funeral. Takumi also seems to have grown in leaps and bounds this summer as we have watched him grow from a baby into a sweet little boy. In the midst of all of this we’ve made minor preparations for our move to Japan but still have quite a ways to go. Now as fall comes into view we are gearing up to enter full support raising mode. Coupled with support raising we’ll be taking a few trips around the country to share our vision for church planting in Tokyo with new and old friends alike. If you would like more information about our fundraising please contact us.

Soma School
In October, Drew will head to Tacoma, Washington to spend a week in Soma School. This is the last step in our preparations for our move to Tokyo. Last year, Drew and Jeremy Grove were able attend Soma One Day in Tokyo along with Yoshito. This will be a week of extended training in what it looks like to lead a missional community to make disciples in the everyday stuff of life. You can learn more about Soma here.

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