Day 5 in Tokyo

Today we headed out to Fuchu for the day. We had lunch at a traditional Japanese-style restaurant with Yoshito and talked more about his church plant and what the broader church in Japan looks like. During lunch we got a little surprise in the form of an earthquake. It was minor and caused no damage but it quickly recalled to memory my previous experiences with earthquakes and a good reminder to us of the urgent need for the gospel here. After lunch we headed to Yoshi’s house and continued our conversation over a collection of Japanese snacks and listened as he shared about his neighborhood and walked us through his church planting process. We then spent some time in prayer together and headed back downtown.

I took the guys to Shibuya, the times square of Tokyo and a center of youth culture. We met up with some old friends of mine a went to a resturant where my good friend Yuki works. The guys were excited because this was their first time to eat yakiniku, korean bbq. Yakiniku is an all you can eat buffet of meat and veggies that you grill yourself at your table. I had a great time catching up with my friends and the guys had a blast grilling, so it was a great way to end the night.