Day 3 Tokyo

Today we meet up with Yoshito downtown and took the guys on a tour of a few of the sights in Tokyo. I never get tired of taking first-timers to Japan to the top of a skyscraper and watch their faces as they see the true immensity of Tokyo for the first time.

Meiji Shrine Entrance

We had lunch in Harajuku, a cultural hub of Tokyo and the center of fashion. Always a great place to take a group. When you think of weird, quirky Japan this is where alot of that comes from. After walking around Harajuku for a while we took the group to Meiji Shrine and gave them a look at religion in Japan. We just so happened to stumble upon a wedding taking place at the shrine which was a good thing for the guys to see and prompted us to talk and about marriage and family in Japan.

Fuchu Dinner

When then headed to Fuchu, where Yoshito is planting and had dinner with his core team. After dinner, several of Yoshito’s church members joined us and Shane encouraged them from Acts 1 not to worry or have anxiety when evangelizing but rather in faith believe the gospel and remember the mission. We all shared some of our doubts and struggles with each other and spent some time in prayer together. It was a great night.

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