Day 2 Tokyo

Tokyo Bay
We headed out to the Tokyo Bay this morning to meet up with several church planters from around Tokyo who all have a desire to lead healthy gospel-centered churches that desire to plant more churches.
During this meeting Kevin Peck, who is the director of emering regions for the Acts 29 church planting network, shared the global vision that A29 has to help network like minded pastors in various regions. The vision is simple A29 wants to help connect pastors to other pastors especially in areas where the Church is very small and fellowship is lacking in places like Asia and Africa. Provide these churches with resources to help them launch new church plants and help equip new church planters to plant well in these areas.

A29 Meeting

It was a great meeting and very encouraging to connect with a few new guys I had never met before. As we met, Kevin shared with the group from the book of Revelation and urged us to see that God desires people from every nation to come before him and therefore Jesus is worthy of the nation of Japan.

Less than 1% of the 130 million people in Japan have heard the gospel, yet Jesus is worthy of the nation of Japan. This reality stirs my hearts desire to be on mission to the Japanese people.


After the meeting church planter, Seima Aoyagi took us on a tour of the Toyosu Harbor area in Tokyo that his church plant is targeting. I had a chance while walking around to debrief with Yoshito about the meeting and discuss the benefits of A29 in Japan and how his church plant in Fuchu could benefit from being part of a network like A29 and how they helped us in Karis Church back in the states.

Seibu Dome

In the evening we surprised the group by taking them to a Japanese baseball game at the Seibu Dome. It was the Seibu Lions vs Rakuten Eagles. It was my first time to visit Seibu Dome which is actually a pretty cool stadium. We all had a lot of fun at the game.

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