On Being Missional

In the time since our trip back in September, God has granted us with plenty of opportunity to put into practice the things with learned in Tokyo during the Soma One Day training. The term ‘Mission’ often feels weighty when used in the context of evangelism. Usually we think of big outreach events with lots of work involved and usually reserved for church leaders. What we’ve learned is that being missional requires little more than the people of God living ordinary life with gospel intentionality.

Over the past few weeks i’ve seen this in action as our missional community has sought to be on mission for the internationals of our city. We’ve shared meals with internationals, invited them to our baby showers and birthday parties, taken them shopping, helped plan fall break trips, and more as we’ve sought to befriend them. All along the way entering into conversations that allowed us to share Jesus with them.  I was especially moved last week as I watched the women of our missional community plan a surprise baby shower for a friend from India who really needed a loving community to come around here in a difficult season of her pregnancy. All of this has helped Megumi and I to grow our vision of what a missional community could look like in Tokyo.

Recently, the Missourian, a local newspaper here in Columbia interviewed me about our work in Columbia and our intentions to continue our ministry in Japan.  You can read the article here.

Friends, please continue to pray for us as we seek to live life on mission for Jesus. Also pray for us as we count down the final days to the birth of our first child.

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