Day 5 in Tokyo: SOMA part 2

Day 5 was another full day of teaching from Jeff and Todd. As we worked through the definitation of a missional community which is “A family of missionary servants sent as disciples who make disciples.” I could help but reflect everything I was learning in relation to the MC I lead back in Missouri at Karis. Jeremy also leads an MC at Karis so it was really great to have someone to discuss everything with.

During the afternoon session we had a chance to break out with our individual groups and discuss application for our specfic contexts. Jeremy and I were invited to join Yoshito’s MC and hear how they have been actively on mission in Fuchu. We listened as they talked strategy and moving forward. Yoshito’s MC began with just him and his wife 2 years ago and yesterday as we sat as a group of 10 Yoshito expressed his joy and graditude for how Jesus has began to grow his church through Yoshito’s faithfulness. Kenichi, one of the newest believers in the MC shared about how he was going to start sharing meals with co-workers and seeking ways to bless them as he listens to their stories. One by one we people shared how they were going to actively pursue the growth of God’s kingdom and the MC by commiting to the mission of reaching Fuchu. 
I know there is a long road ahead but I can’t help but be excited to come alongside these faithful brothers and sisters on mission for the great city of Tokyo. 

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