Day 2 in Tokyo: Soma prep

This morning we caught up with Steve and Yoshito at an old barn turned coffee shop in Fuchu. We talked about the hardships that Steve’s family is facing with their recent move to Tokyo and shared where Jeremy and I are in our pursuits of coming to Japan.

Afterwards we headed to Yoshito’s house to make plans with his MC for the upcoming Soma seminar.

I learned that I would be charge of handling registration for the event and would help to translate from time to time.

After the meeting, Jeremy and I headed out the explore Fuchu for a while before meeting up with Yoshito at a local bar called “The Garage.” Yoshito meet the bars owner a few months ago through mutual friends and eventually became friends with him as well. Now through God’s grace the garage will become the first gathering place for the church the are planting in Fuchu.

After dinner we ended the day at the local Onsen or hot spring relaxing after a long day.