As part of my internship with Karis church I was invited to attend the ‘For the Church’ conference at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I would say that this conference was well-timed, considering my departure for Japan this Saturday. The theme of the conference was centered around the readiness of the pastor to lead the church.
Each session was dealt with a different topic of readiness such as, ready to plant, ready to replant, ready to shepard, ready to lead, etc. For me the session on being ready to preach was the most influential. As I think about going to Japan and the sheer number of people who have never heard Gospel and know little to nothing of Jesus there, my hearts breaks. Standing in the midst of the world’s largest city seems daunting and overwhelming. But Paul reminds us in Romans 10 that the preaching of God’s word is the means by which the gospel will be made known. Therefore, I ask that you would join us in prayer for this upcoming trip. Pray that as we make plans to build God’s church in Tokyo that it would begin with a readiness to preach Christ.


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