Thanks to our Family

It has been a long, challenging road we’ve traveled since our departure from Japan back in 2011. God has been good to us over the years and has led us to a family that has helped to call us to repentance, deeply challenge us, and lovely encourage us to continue working towards the mission that God has given us to share the good news about his son, Jesus, with the people of Japan.

This past Sunday, my youngest brother Billy shared about Meg’s specific calling to mission in Japan as he preached from Colossians 4

Here’s the excerpt.

We’re thankful for our Karis family and our extended family of supporters who have prayerfully supported us all along the way. As I make plans to return to Japan in just a few short weeks for the purpose of gaining clarity, vision and a timeline for our eventual return to Tokyo to plant churches. We ask that you would continue to stand firm with us to see the nation of Japan turned upside down by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You can listen to the full sermon here.