Day Three: Touring Fun

Yesterday was full of fun touring Japan. We got up early and headed out for Enoshima Island, a beautiful place south of Tokyo. We had the opportunity to go on the main mountain on the island and then go up on top of what is called the Sky Candle. Talk about beautiful views!

We then stopped by nearby Kamakura, one of the original capitals of Japan. We got to stand on the beach. We also visited this famous statue of Buddha. It’s massive. You can go inside its belly, but you’ll find upon entering, that it’s empty, much like the religion based on the teaching of the statue’s image. This is why we want to serve in Japan.

Next we visited Yokohama, Tokyo’s sister city to her south. This is perhaps the most international of Japan’s cities. It had the first port in the nation. We road a boat to a great waterfront shopping district. We got to go up in a extremely tall Ferris Wheel. The views were gorgeous. We then headed home tired but thankful.

Why all the fun, you might ask? Is this a vacation or what? Well, first of all, mission trips in Japan, a first world country, aren’t like they are in Brazil or Haiti. Second, this is a vision trip. We are here with the Glossons, trying to help them discern where to put down roots in the future. We’re trying to assist them in determining partnerships. The Groves are along for the ride (with Tony and me), asking God if He might be calling them here, as well. Therefore, one of our main objectives is to get a feel for the city and culture. Where might God be drawing us? Can we see (particularly the Groves) ourselves serving here? That’s the point of this trip. We’re having some fun along the way.

Keep praying for the Groves. Evy got some good rest last night. They did have to leave halfway during yesterday’s activities, as she was having difficulty napping (ANY kid her age would have). We want Jeremy and Leanna’s trip to be productive as they seek out the Lord’s will for their lives.


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