Tokyo: Day One

Our first day was great. It was a more relaxed day, as today will be (it’s now 8:30 a.m. here!), as we adjust to the new time zone. We largely did touring of the city yesterday. We got to see some of the great sites of the big city. We rode a train into Shinjuku, the largest train station here. The thousands of people literally running through the place can be overwhelming. Remember, statistically very, very few have even heard the name of Jesus Christ. I look forward to Karis Church having a long-term presence here.

We took a long walk to the Tokyo Government Building. This takes you up 45 stories. From the top, as far as the eye can see, you can only see buildings. It’s pretty breathtaking. It gives you a picture of the vastness of the city. The Lord made each of the people in those buildings. They bear His image, regardless if they’ve even heard that. They experience His grace daily, whether or not they realize it.

I have to at least make a mention about the day’s food. At lunch, we had a traditional, but delicious, meal of fried pork and rice. At night we went to a Korean BBQ, which is always fun. They bring you plates of beef, chicken, and pork (and beef tongue!), and you grill it right in front of you. Fun and delicious. Rob would love it. Yep, gonna work Rob’s name into every post.

Continue to pray for us. Evy Grove is feeling a bit sickly. The Groves all slept better last night, but she either has the flu, or, more likely, she’s adjusting to being on the other side of the world. That’s even a bit hard for adults.

Today, we’ll hang with our friends Yoshito and Steve who are church planters here.

Back home, our boys, led by my man Bobby Schembre, are going to start work on our new Westside space this weekend. Anyone have a spare $10K laying around? Seriously. Something important needs to be done this weekend.


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