Grocery Store Run

Well, I’m going to be posting on this blog fairly often. My goal is to try to allow my Larson and Karis families to experience as much with me as they can. So, if you think I’m getting a bit out of hand: DO NOT read it. :)

Went to the grocery store. It’s similar to what we’re used to, but there are some differences. One is that the Japanese are very highly structured and intentional about everything. Rob would appreciate this. It’s not like Hy-Vee where you check out any way you want (hand them your groceries, put them on the counter, whatever). Think more Seinfeld, “Soup Nazi.” :) You place the basket on the counter and then walk on past. You put your coins in the coin tray. Period. They then hand you your change with a receipt. The administrative “king” in me loves the way Japanese think and work.

Some of you have prayed for the baby on the team, Evy Grove, to sleep and transition well. She’s napping great right now. Then we will head downtown to see some Tokyo sights. Excited. Has been a great trip so far.


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