God answers Prayers

Over the past about a month, God has been showing me how he answers our prayers.

First, one lady from my church had a surgery. A couple of days after her surgery, I was praying for her in the morning. Later that day when I opened FaceBook, first thing I saw on my news feed was that she was doing really well. I thought “Wow God thank you for telling me that 🙂 “.

Next, we had a members meeting at Karis Church. And we prayed for one couple who had been away from the church for a while. After the meeting some of us went to check the new church office downtown. Since my husband and I cleaned up the meeting room, we went to the new office a little bit later. There we saw the couple who we were praying for in the new office! I don’t know how they ended up to be in the office. But I was so thrilled that happened and saw clearly God answers our prayers.

Lastly, I made a new friend who is married and has kids. As I get to know her, I found out that she is having hard time in her marriage and her husband is living in another town. Since then I was praying for her. About a week later I found out that her husband is visiting her and kids, her husband visited Karis, talked to elders and is considering moving to her place and to try to work out their marriage. Again I thought “ok God, you are so good. You have been telling me how important prayer is. I think I need to share this with my friends.”

That’s why I decided to type a blog about this.
Sometimes, I don’t think prayers are very important because I feel like why would God listen to a person like me who is nothing, just a sinful person, or God knows what is the best for us so he will do the best things for us anyway weather I pray or not.
However that is not true. God loves us so much. That’s why he wants to communicate with us through prayers. Also God does answer our prayers in the best ways.

Therefore I would like to ask you guys to support us especially by prayers.
My husband and I will go back to Japan this spring again. We feel this trip will be huge step for us going back to Japan in the future. We need your prayers! We need your support!

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