The New year

Although, they celebrate New Years on January 1st in Japan, many things like businesses and schools start in April as cherry blossoms are blooming.

The beginning of April is the season of new…. meeting new people, starting new things. Many people in Japan change their life style.

Many kids are excited and anxious about new school, new grade, new classmates, new classrooms, and new teachers and so on.

Many people from country side who are going to big cities for University start living by themselves.

Most people who graduated from University start working companies where they were accepted after hard working on job hunting in senior year of college.

All school and company are having an entering ceremony or new school year ceremony.

Please pray for christians in Japan who moved to new places will find a good community in Christ.

Please pray for missionaries in Japan who will meet new people and welcome people will be lights of God.

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