Pray for Tokyo: Bunkyo and Toshima


As we pray for Tokyo this week we’ll focus on two centrally located wards: Bunkyo and Toshima.

Bunkyo is home to 200,000 people in an area of just 7 sq.mi. with just 20 churches. Bunkyo has a long history in Tokyo dating all the way back to the 1800’s. Bunkyo is known for education, as several well known universities and private high schools have been established there. A number of influential artist, writers and politicians and other well known people have come up through Bunkyo’s education system throughout its history.  Bunkyo is also religiously influential as many come to worship at several famous shrines and temples located in the ward. Bunkyo is also home to the Tokyo Dome, the largest arena in the Tokyo. The dome has 55,000 seats and draws people from all over Japan. Opened in 1988 the dome has hosted famous concerts and events from all over the world. It is home to Tokyo’s baseball team, the Yomiuri Giants and is shared with other sports leagues. Throughout its history millions of people have entered through its doors. In 1994, Billy Graham held a crusade at the dome in an effort to preach the good news of Jesus to the people of Tokyo.

  • As you pray this week, pray for the influence of the church in Bunkyo. Pray that the church would boldly preach the gospel, train leaders and plant more churches. Pray that more influential people would be raised up within the church to reach the nation of Japan with the gospel. Pray that christians would seek opportunities to share Christ in all areas, from the street corner to the stage of Tokyo Dome, so that everywhere in Tokyo, Christ would be made known.

Toshima is home to over 260,000 people in an area of 8 sq.mi. There are only 25 churches located in Toshima. It is a very crowded place as it is home to the second largest train station in Tokyo, Ikebukuro station. Toshima has the largest population of singles living alone in Tokyo. It is also known for being one of the most international wards in Tokyo, with 56% of the foreign population being Chinese, 20% Korean and the rest Filipino and others.  The entertainment industry is also a huge industry for Toshima as well.

  • As you pray for Toshima pray that the church would proclaim the gospel not only to the Japanese community but to the internationals as well. Pray these internationals would believe and become leaders who would reach the nations with the gospel. Pray for the broken people trapped in the entertainment industry of Tokyo. Pray they would come to know Jesus and be redeemed by his grace and mercy.

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