Pray for Japan: The Church


With only .03% of Japan’s 130 million people claiming to follow Jesus, the church of Japan has its work cut out for it.

Here are 5 ways that you can pray for the church in Japan this week.

1. Revival and unity in the Japanese Church- There are over 160 denominations in Japan among them are major divisions such as charismatic, evangelical and other groups. The events of the 2011 tsunami saw a turning point amongst the church of Japan as these different groups cooperated together to help the relief efforts. During that season the seed of revival began to take root in Japan. Pray the these roots would grow stronger and that this newly unified church would seize the opportunity of this revival and boldly proclaim the gospel throughout the nation.
2. Leadership Training- As the current church leaders in Japan continue to grow older there is a greater demand to see new leaders trained. Declining seminary enrollment and a genuine lack of committed young believers poses a threat to the future of the church. Pray that the current generation of leaders would be able to train up men and women within the local churches to become to future leaders that the church in Japan needs.
3. Discipleship- Application of biblical truth on a daily basis is a great challenge for believers who are continually being pressured to conform to this homogeneous culture. Many new believers struggle to plant firm gospel-centered roots in their lives. Pray that the Lord would give grace to his people that will enable them to live out Romans 12
4. Revitalized Worship- Many of the conservative churches maintain a form-centered worship that lacks the vitality of the Spirit. Ask the Lord to break in and give his people a new song to sing for his glory.
5. Missions- The Japanese church is still very young and has only to begun to be a blessing to the nations. Pray that the Lord would give the church of Japan a vision and burden for the nations of the earth. Japan is remembered among the Asian peoples as the nation that caused great harm and hurt during World War II. Pray that the Lord would raise up the church in Japan to a blessing to Asia and bring reversal to the historical damage.

Information adopted from Operation Japan

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