International Welcome Party

Every Year, the university of Missouri has a large number of new International students come in. This year our 700 new internationals arrived on campus.

The largest number of students at the university of Missouri are Chinese and Indian, with Koreans coming in 3rd. As we are launching a new missional community focused on internationals we have been spending alot of time on campus making new friends. We volunteered during international orientation to help new students get settled in and offered rides to stores and apartments as these new students began adjusting to their new lives. Another activity we always enjoy is the international welcome party and this year we no different. The festivities were hosted in the Student Center and their were booths from just about every country represented at the university. Everyone receives a passport when they enter and are tasked to visit the different booths and and collect stamps in their passports from at least 5 countries. Once you collect 5 stamps you are allowed to sample all kinds of international foods and participate in other activities like learning various international dances. It was a great way to kick off the mission of Ethnos and a meet some new friends.