A core part of Karis Church is our missional communities. MC’s are a group of 20-40 people who gather together on mission for places or people groups around the city. At Karis, we have several MC’s in neighborhoods around the city. We also have a few affinity based MC’s for arts and music, college students, poor and impoverished peoples and most recently Internationals.

Shortly after returning from Japan, my brother Daniel and I began having conversations about what a missional community focused on Internationals might look like. After a brief time of prayer things began to take off quickly from there. The elders, our term for church leaders, we’re very excited about our idea and encouraged us to get started right away.

So with a little over a month of planning and recruiting, we launched Ethnos. The word ‘Ethnos’ means nation and we chose that name to convey the idea to the internationals that Christ calls us all to be united as one nation, the church, for his glory.

We launched Ethnos at the end of August and already we have seen many internationals come in contact with us. We are praying that as we build relationships with these internationals that they would come to believe in Jesus and grow in the community of the local church and eventually be sent out to serve in other MC’s as witnesses for Christ.

Would you pray for us as we strive to make Christ known amongst the international community of Columbia.