My First Japan Trip

first trip thumb

Drew and I traveled to Japan from May 17th to June 12th. This was first time for me to take a trip to Japan. It was a really busy but a very productive trip.

We were able to do many things that we needed wanted to do. I feel that it was one the busiest months of my life! Yet, God took care of us perfectly while we were in Japan. Well, of course God takes care of everything but it was so amazing how everything went. I can’t imagine any better trip than what we had.

Here are the awesome things God let us do!

First Drew did NOT lose his Japanese, and did NOT forget how to get around in Japan. As soon as we arrived in Japan, he were able to communicate with people and figured out what to do, where to go and how to go. I was very tired and I was the one who was confused. So I was very thankful for him and his helpfulness.

Secondly, we met many of our friends. On two occasions we happened to meet our friends by accident while we were walking around in town (in a city of 35 million people that is a miracle). Many of our friends were able to meet us on short notice as well. Although we couldn’t see all the friends we wanted to see, we were able to see many friends in the midst of the crazy business. Also, when we met our friends, they wanted to know what happened to us, why we changed our plan from returning to Japan within a year, to deciding to stay US for a while. It was impossible to share our story without mentioning the gospel with provided for some fantastic conversations. I could tell that some of my friends were having hard time to understand what it meant to be “following God”. I pray that they will understand someday.

2013-05-20 20.06.15

Third, we met many great missionaries in Japan. It was very encouraging to see many passionate people trying to reach out to the people of Japan. Even though it is very difficult to do ministry in Japan, God is working and we still have hope for revival in Japan!

Finally, seeing my family was wonderful. More so, it was awesome that my church family was able to meet my parents. I believe that it gave my parents some relief to see people who love and care for Drew and I in the U.S.

Through this trip, Drew and I felt a renewing for our call to ministry in Japan. We don’t know how long it’s gonna take but we are very excited to be sent to Japan one day. I am very appreciative that there are many people who are supporting the Glossons. Please keep supporting for us for God’s glory.

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