Ten days later

I’m writing this from the highway bus headed back to Tokyo after a 4 day stint in Saku. Ten days ago Meg and I boarded a plane bound for Japan. We left for Japan with a mixed bag of emotions. During the weeks leading to our departure many people asked us if we were homesick and if we were ready to go back. Neither of us really knew how to answer those questions. Now after being back here I finally have an answer.

For me leaving Japan felt more like separation in a marriage. Neither of us, (meaning Japan and I), wanted it but it felt necessary. Now having been away for sometime and walking through the process of repentance i’m finally able to return once more to her. Would she accept me back as a changed man? Would we be able to heal old wounds? These questions swirled in my head as we touched down in Tokyo.

The answer to all of those questions came with a resounding, Yes! As we have traveled around Japan these ten days and shared with friends, family and Churches our story of repentance, we have been graciously welcomed back. Yesterday, we spent the day with Shinshu Community Church there in Saku and shared a meal with them as we talked about the past, present and future. They were an instrumental part of our decision to return to states as they gently pushed us towards a radical change in the way were doing things. Now, I’m struggling to hold back tears as I reflect upon the encouragement given to us and how they have waited patiently for God to do a work in our hearts and call us to repentance. Being with them was so moving to see how they steadily continue to grow and move forward against the darkness that is in their community. I’m more excited than every to bring our group from Karis to meet them.

During this trip God has continued to reveal that he is indeed calling us to ministry in Japan. Already on this trip we have had numerous chances to share the gospel with old and new friends alike. Its been almost 2 years since I’ve spoken Japanese, I have been able to communicate and speak very well which I contribute to the Holy Spirit’s help. Christian’s all over Japan are praying for Megumi and I, as we consider our future and the possible return to ministry in Japan.

Our trip is only halfway over. This week we will welcome the Karis Japan team and share with them our hearts and what God is doing in Japan.

Would you continue to pray for us?

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