Support and Planning

Friends, I wanted to write a quick update so that you have an idea of where we stand on the support raising timeline. Remember you can donate online at and just select the Karis Japan fund to give to our team’s general fund.


Lori and I have finished raising our support but are continuing to garner funds via promotion, crafts and odd jobs to help our team round out their remaining funds.

Lori has been making small couch pillows and I’ve been taking on all sorts of random odd jobs. If you have any odd jobs you need help with and are willing to support our team financially please email me at


I’ve been in regular contact with the folks we’ll be visiting during our trip. Progressively all is starting to come together. I’m not working out the day by day specifics. We’re just over a month away and the anticipation is building.


Please remember to pray for those whom we are visiting and serving with both in Japan and the 3-person team from Journey The Way in Wichita, KS that are joining us on this trip.

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