Japan Trip Update

In less than a month Meg and I will be heading to Japan to make preparations for the rest of our team that will join us later.

We will be departing on May 16th and will be in Japan until the 12th of June. We will spend the bulk of our time during the first week taking care of paperwork. Since we’ve decided to live in the states for a while we have to get insurance, taxes, and visas straightened out. We also need our licenses renewed so we can rent a vehicle. The rest of our time will be devoted to visiting with friends and family.

On May 28 the rest of our team will join us in Tokyo. Over the next 10 days we will travel to Chiba prefecture, Tokyo, Nagano and finally Nagoya to meet with church planters and discuss vision and potential partnerships.

Karis Church traveled to Japan last spring to meet with John Evans, an Acts 29 network partner. John is working with “Mission to the World” to plant a church in the Chiba region.
John and the MTW group will be our first stop on this trip. We will catch up with how things are going after their first year in Chiba and discuss how we could serve with them.

From Chiba we’ll head next door to Tokyo. In Tokyo we’ll meet with Seima Aoyagi who is working to plant a church in the Toyosu region of Tokyo.

After our time in Tokyo we’ll travel to Nagano to visit Shinshu Community Church. Shinshu is the church that Meg and I called home for two years. We are really excited to reconnect with them and explore how we could serve with them in the future.

Nagoya, Japan’s 3rd largest city will be our final destination. Here we will meet up with Michael Oh, the founder of Christ Bible Institute and Rob Boyle who is seeking to plant a church out of CBI.

Throughout this trip Meg and I will try to show and tell as much as we can about Japan and its culture to the team. Please pray that Christ would use this trip to strengthen ours hearts and spurn our vision for Japan. Pray that not only would this trip be for our benefit but that we might also be a blessing to those whom we are visiting.

We still lack close to $3000 to meet our goal of $5000 for this trip. Friends if you are financially able please consider giving towards the future of church planting in Japan.

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2 Replies to “Japan Trip Update”

  1. This is so exciting to me! Vision trips have been used mightily by God to call church planters and other laborers to Japan! Please give my greetings to my friends in Chiba (we were on the Chiba Team from 1990-1992), to Seima and the Lowthers in Tokyo, and to Michael, the Newsomes and the Sinks in Nagoya.
    Were you on the team that served in Tohoku last year?
    You are now in my daily prayers!
    In Christ,
    Eileen Lass


    1. Hi Eileen, I’m sorry to reply so late to your comment. We were not with the group that travel to Japan last spring. We were however living in Japan during the Earthquake and worked in the heart of the disaster zone right after the quake with Crash Japan. Stay tuned as we’ll be posting more updates soon!


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