2013 Vision Trip Announcement

Japan.  Formerly a world superpower, economic powerhouse, technological innovator, and an industry leader.  Presently, one of the most unreached nations on earth.  Less than 1% of the nation’s 127 million people are followers of Jesus. Japan has suffered greatly in recent times due to economic downfall, a decline in birth rates, rising stress in the workplace, and the tsunami disaster of 2011. The need for the gospel in Japan is tremendous. Imagine planting a church in this nation. Consider the people that would hear the Gospel for the first time. Those who would believe in Jesus, and be transformed by the Gospel. Think of the opportunities to shepherd young believers, to train new ministers, raise up leaders, and plant more churches to see the gospel transform this great nation. Envision mission in Japan.

This May we will have the opportunity to partner together a team of church leaders and potential missionaries on a vision trip to Japan. Together with members of Journey the Way in Wichita, KS and Karis Church of Columbia, MO, we will take the first steps toward a vision of planting churches in Japan.  The purpose of this trip will be to meet with church planters and existing churches in Japan to consider potential partnerships with them. My wife, Megumi, and I will serve as tour guides and translators as the group travels together through Tokyo into the countryside of Nagano and down to Nagoya, Japan’s third largest city.

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