Pray for Japan: Tokyo

Tokyo is the economical, political and cultural capital of Japan. A city unlike any other, whose influence reaches far beyond just that of Japan.Tokyo_Metropolis_Map.svg

Tokyo is on of the largest cities in the world in both size and population. It is located on the eastern side of central Japan in a region called Kanto. To the east of Tokyo lies the Chiba peninsula. Tokyo fans westward around Tokyo Bay towards the Okutama mountains. Over 27 million people call Tokyo home also making it one of the most densely populated cities in the world with about 16,000 people per sq. mile.

Tokyo has one of the most advanced transportation infrastructures in world. Many people live their entire life never owning a car due to the convenience of the various trains and buses available throughout the city. Currently there are 924 train stations in Tokyo today and thousands of bus stops allowing everyone quick and easy access to almost any part of Tokyo. This idea of the fast paced go anywhere mentality gets to the heart of how this great city came to be. 
This month we will look at the history, culture and religiosity of this great city and ask you to join us as we pray for Tokyo.

Tokyo is one of the cities that the Karis Japan team will visit in May during our vision trip to Japan. Tokyo is where Megumi was born and raised. Tokyo was Drew’s first home in Japan and it’s also where many of our friends and family live. For this reason it seemed fitting start our series by focusing on Tokyo.

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