We Can't Hide From God

Last Saturday, I got my green card!  It was a super long and expensive experience.  Yet, now I can do everything that a US citizen can do except for voting.

On top of that, we finally started living in our new apartment. Ever since we moved to Columbia MO, we have been living in a guest room. Josh and Laura Rice, members at Karis Church, were gracious and allowed us to live withh them and help remodel their basement into a downstairs apartment.   Now that we have more space, we can unpack our suitcases and Christmas gifts, and we can live with all our stuff.  I am so excited!!

Although we were getting used to living in someone’s guest room because it’s been like that more than a year, it is always nice to have own private space!


I had an interesting experience through waiting for my visa approval and moving downstairs.

Since I wasn’t sure that I would be able to stay in US and when Drew and I could live downstairs, I felt unstable all the time.  I wanted to be settled down as soon as possible but had to wait for 8 long months.  Even though the Rices would say their house is my home and I should feel comfortable to live in their house, I was struggling with the frustration of everything.

I wanted everything to be certain, so I could make plans, and I know what’s going on.  However, nothing ever went the way I wanted it to and I felt everything was not making any progress, even though God is sovereign and he is taking care of everything.  I was trying so hard that I could handle this frustrating situations.  However I couldn’t.

Finally about a month ago, I realized that I needed to quit looking for ways to can handle this, I needed to ask God to help me to handle this.  I prayed and repented.

Then over the next 2 weeks there were lots of snow fall.  Because of snow fall, we couldn’t go out nor use our internet, so we were able to make huge progress on the downstairs renovations.  I was thankful for that!

Then the next week, I got a letter from USCIS which told me that my visa was approved and I would get green card soon. I was more thankful for that!!

Then last week, Drew and I finally started living downstairs and I got my green card! I am super thankful for that!!!

Feels like God was waiting for me to realize my sin, repent and go back to God.  When I realized it, he was like “Ok Megumi, finally! I was waiting so long!! Now you can have what you were asking for” then he gave me.  I really felt that we can’t hide our feelings from God and that He knows everything!

I pray that I can always ask God’s help and I will not try to handle situations by myself, even when I’m in a hard situation that I can’t focus on God very well.

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