Travelogue: July 8th, 2012

Meg and I are on our way back to Meridian, MS. Since our initial journey to Mississippi back in February there has been a slew of changes taking place. As time is limited right now, I will just explain what’s to come and will later follow up with a more detailed post.

After much prayer the decision has been made to remain in the states for a while longer. While we are in the states we will be centrally located in Columbia, Missouri and will serve alongside Karis Church. I will also join the internship program at Karis Church and will focus the internship on international missions and church planting. We are very blessed to have this opportunity to learn and grow during our time at Karis. We will also use this time to carefully plan and prepare for our return to Japan. We believe our time here will give us ample opportunity to explore all the options ahead of us and help us build a stronger network of churches and supporters.

Thank you for all you prayers. We are excited about the future!

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