Worth the Effort

After weeks and weeks of support raising, praying, fasting and discussion Karis Japan is officially a go and will be under way this coming Sunday 5/20.

Please continue to pray for us. If you’d like to remain updated on our trip and what is taking place the best thing you can do is to keep checking back with this blog. However it is also recommended you like Karis Japan on facebook and follow @karisjapan on twitter.

That being said God is so good. He has graciously given us an opportunity to study and research ways for our church, Karis Community Church in Columbia, MO, to learn about the needs in Japan and find ways to contribute to the gospel need.

This holds even more weight after hearing recently that the Joshua Project has dubbed Japan the largest unreached people group in the world.

My prayer is that much fruit would come from our efforts. On this particular trip I plan to serve, study, observe, assess, ask questions and learn so that the Japanese might know the profound truth and freedom found on only in Jesus.

Friends, please continue praying for us. Also if you happen to use twitter and you want to let us know you’re praying for us or you want to comment on something we’re doing use the #KarisJapan hashtag.

Grace & Peace

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