Secret Church 2012

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In America we often hear some version of the following: “Your life will be much better as a Christian. You’ll have fewer problems, a happier outlook and be more blessed with the comforts of life you need.” What if this wasn’t true? In fact, what if being a Christ-follower meant persecution? What if it meant being outcast from friends and family, living in fear of personal harm, or losing the comforts of life? The Bible confirms throughout the New Testament that the life of a Christ-follower will often not be one of happiness, but suffering.


What If Being a Christ-Follower Wasn’t Designed to Be Easy?

The Simulcast

This was the preface of our gathering on ‘Good Friday’ at Logos Community Church. From 6pm to around 1am we joined 50,000 other believers to take part in an event known as Secret Church. ‘The Church at Brook Hills’ in Birmingham, Alabama started Secret Church in 2006 and it has continued ever since. The premise behind Secret Church is to relate to our brothers and sisters around the world who are being persecuted for Gospel. Many Christians around the world  will risk their lives to study the word of God and they study with a zeal and passion often found missing in American churches. Secret Church is basically a 6-7 hour intensive bible study, simulcasted to churches and small groups all over the world, intended to help believers grow in Christ but also to raise awareness for the persecuted believers around the world and to train up those willing to go and help those being persecuted.

Studying the word into the wee hours

The topic being studied this time was that of “The Cross and Suffering” which I felt was much-needed for Meg and I as we prepare to return to Japan, a land that has endured and continues to endure much suffering.




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