Serving at Logos Community Church

We been staying in Meridian, Mississippi during the month of March serving along side of Logos Community Church. It’s been a great month and we have been grateful to the members of Logos who opened their homes to us and allowed Meg and I to lived with them while we worked with the leaders of the church. Together we have met and discussed how Logos can help us continue our work of sharing the Gospel with the people of Japan. Though we still have a bit ahead of us, things are starting to have a clearer direction.

While here, in Meridian, we not only spent time meeting with the leaders of the church but we had a lot of opportunities to serve with the church. Throughout our weeks here we were able to join the various community groups of Logos and study and learn from each other. In an earlier post I wrote about how we were able to take part in the ‘Free for All’ event that Logos hosted. Meg and I were also able to pass out flyers for “Secret Church” which is another event that the church will host this Friday. This brought up some interesting conversation among the local we talked to and we were able to share with a few people, about who Jesus is and what his role in the church is and why we are serving him in Japan.

Finally, yesterday I was given the opportunity to preach to the members of Logos. The church had been studying through Ephesians and I had to privilege to preach 6:18-20 and kind of close out the book. You can listen to it here.

Ephesians 6:18-20 @ Logos Community Church

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