Fasting on Fridays

My wife and I have taken it upon ourselves to fast every Friday leading up to our trip May 20-28. We’re praying for the following:

– God’s provision of the $13,000 needed for our trip

John Evans and his family both as they are raising support to move to Japan and prepare to plant a church in Chiba City.

– The Japanese people and culture that is consumed by intense social pressures and empty idols.

– The local church in Japan, that they can hold fast while enduring the above mentioned pressures. Also that they might lend themselves (time, energy, finances,  etc.) to the remaining disaster relief in Sendai, Japan as they continue to rebuild and remember last year’s loss.

If you have a desire to partner with us and cannot afford to give financially then please join us in praying about the list above. If you want you can join us on us as we fast. Regardless we need your support and encouragement because we have a daunting task both in that we need to raise $13,000 in a very limited time and even more so that the need in Japan is enormous and determining where to start and how best to help is an enormous task in and of itself.

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