Laying the Foundation

March 11, 2011 was a devastating day for many Japanese. Lives were lost or changed. Homes were destroyed. In a culture where position and standing in society are vital to their worldview, having nothing is severely humbling. Japan historically is an “honor-based” culture that thrives on personal image and good standing with peers. Having all their material possessions and positions taken from them has caused the already high suicide rate to peak. In a hyper religious culture the Japanese are looking for answers. They demand explanation for why they’ve suffered. Jesus provides hope for the broken, health for the sick, life to the dying. What better way to reach people than having the local church present to provide physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual support in an immensely difficult culture and circumstance. We all know what it’s like to be burdened and weighed down by the pressures of work, social norms, school or any other facet of life. Karis Community Church is looking to partner with John Evans, a pastor and an Acts 29 candidate from Australia who is planting a church in Chiba City, Japan. Six individuals will be journeying to Chiba City on a “vision” trip to scope out what can be come a very fruitful partnership. Karis hopes to establish a connection with the local Japanese church, ultimately, to reach the nation of Japan. The prayer is that this is the first trip of many. We’re asking for both your prayers and finances to help Karis accomplish this goal. Will you join in this endeavor?

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