Meridian, Mississippi

outside the post office

We came to Meridian on Mar 1st. So we have been here for about 2 weeks.

The members of Logos Community Church welcomed us very warmly. Even though we are here for a short time, we feel comfortable to be here and glad to be partners with them.

We have helped the church with various activities while here. The members of Logos really have passion for learning and growing together and seeing Meridian, Mississippi hear and know the Gospel. This Saturday they will host an event called “Free for All”. Around 25% percent of Meridian lives below the poverty line, which makes for many people to have a great many needs. So Logos will be giving a bunch of stuff away to people who need who need it for FREE! We are very glad to be here to help such an awesome event.

The tallest building in Meridian

We have also been exploring the town. It’s hard to explain but Meridian is an interesting town to me, mixing old and new, as well as a huge train station, and many houses where I even don’t think of….e.t.c. Anyway, we love this town.

Right now we are trying to decide financial stuff. It’s tough stuff but very important. We want to restart in a right way, so we will do our best!

Please pray for us that God will give us wisdom in our decision-making.

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