Going back to go forward

The first year of our marriage was crazy but good for us.

We were so excited to start doing ministry together. Which is good thing, but we didn’t think through things well, organize our plans or prepare enough.

We thought that as long as we have passion and work hard for Jesus, we can do something.

However we slowly faced many difficulties and were frustrated that we couldn’t do ministry as much as we wanted.

Moreover we learned before you start a ministry you need to spend a lot of time in preparation. We also realized that we are still young, and we have a lot to learn. We can’t do things just by ourselves. We need to repent of our pride and start over.

Even though we are still immature, God has blessed us and had mercy on us. We were able to learn many things, and met many great people; who helped us a lot. We are really grateful for that.

After praying a lot, we decided to go back to America to focus on God’s plan for us again and restart from the beginning. We gave away all our stuff so that we could follow God’s will not our will.

We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we are excited to see the plan God has for us!

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